Cheryl Drayton Elder Talks About ‘The Voice’

Cheryl Drayton is a Kurnai Elder of Gippsland and VACL Treasurer/Director. Cheryl has over 30 years experience in Education and Health supporting Koori students years 7-12 and early childhood development; providing teaching guidance and counselling as well as Indigenous curriculum expertise. She has also held various strategic government positions for the Office of Aboriginal Affairs …

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Chemical-Free Household & Family Living – Tahlia Esler

Tahlia EslerFor over a decade I have worked closely with clients to get the results that they need by tailoring individual solutions. With increased awareness around the effects of chemicals on our body, many people are now looking for natural options to support their family. Having embraced three, natural, drug free pregnancies and births I …

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Gerard Bini on EMF, 5G & More

Gerard Bini is a renowned Intuitive Building Biologist and the founder of Orgone Effects®. With over 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy and EMF research experience, Gerard uses his knowledge to help individuals cultivate the best work and living spaces in their lives. Gerard has pioneered the Intuitive Google Earth-based EMF property surveys and …

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Rise My Silent Brothers Rise by Michael Griffith – Speech & Interviews

On the 4th of October Michael Griffith joined the LVCLA/Gippsland Peoples Council fortnightly meeting and shared a speech he wrote inspired by the men from within that group. Michaels Links: Gippsland Peoples Council Fortnightly Meeting 7pm Every Second Tuesday Night More information at: